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Vincent River by Philip Ridley

For 9 performances between September 9-20, two actors will step onstage having never met nor rehearsed together to perform Vincent River. Each performance will be a once in a lifetime show, one you'll never get to see again.

Vincent River

“Powerful. Devastating.” Joe Nawaz- Culture

“Harsh. Joltingly- funny” Ben Brantley- New York Times

“Breathless suspense.” Marilyn Stasio- Variety

“Powerful. Gritty. Excellent.” Peter Brown- London Theatre Guide

These are just some of the words that have been used to describe the achingly beautiful “Vincent River” by Philip Ridley. It’s an unforgiving, lyrical, and hysterical drama about a bereaved mother and the tormented young man who crashes into her life. In the aftermath of a hate crime, Anita and Davey search for the answer to the simplest and most impossible of questions: Why? Gripping, brutal and darkly hilarious, Vincent River explores the classic themes of the power of narrative, loss, the repression of sexual identity, bigotry and prejudice and the family as a destructive force with fierce honesty.

osimous theatre is proud to present this play from September 9-20, 2015. We believe in “changing the way people see theatre” and we are embarking on a very exciting new method of presentation for our upcoming show. 6 actors will play 2 parts. Only 2 performers will perform on any given night. The actors will not meet until they step on stage to perform. The thrill of the unknown. The excitement of “live theatre” at its most live. The knowledge that anything can happen at any given moment will not only be your experience but it will also be the experience of the actors. Come and see what happens. You do not want to miss these once in a lifetime performances. Vincent River is an evening of theatre you are not going to forget. Buy tickets for Vincent River by Philip Ridley

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